You are welcomed by the company "Expo Group International"!

Our credo: "We turn every difficulty into an opportunity!"

Seeking to be the best on the “expo business” market, we are driven by our ideal service philosophy!
Every time we bring to perfection the new exhibition solutions, and this way we help our customers to be the best among their competitors!
The ideal exhibit composition only confirms the success of our customer for the visitors!
Our philosophy is to help our customers to implement all their great ideas at the world expositions with full range of innovative expo solutions.

Our values:

Our common goal inspires us to work in one direction – to be the best on the “expo services” market.
Ideas and Innovations
We always have new ideas and solutions, which is the driving force for our company. The guarantee for our long-term competitive advantage is the focus on a constant move forward.
The best customers is considered to be the main wealth of the company. In the process of complex projects realization, we work together to ensure achievement of the synergy in development. We are chosen by those who are looking for dynamic company development, they need solutions for difficult problems. We are assessed based on quality of our solutions.
The customer is above all. We create strong relationships with our customers through our extensive experience, sharing the company’s heritage and our innovations. We always take responsible approach to everything we do.
In the process of working with the best customers which are the leaders in their industries, we are totally focused on confirmation of their leadership positions through ideal organization of their participation in specialized exhibitions.
Leadership based on own example is the value of our culture. We do what we say.
We are not looking for easy and fast ways for business success achievement. Honesty, hard work, quality and consistency are the keys to our business activity.
We are the company of the owners. The owners are personally responsible for the results.

Organization of the participation in exhibitions CIS, Europe, America and Asia

Using the experience gained by our employees in the “expo-business” and strong partnership relations with global exhibition organizations, Expo Group International is engaged in preparation and management of the participation of its customers in various industry-specific international exhibitions in CIS, Europe, America and Asia.
At the request of our customers we are engaged in organization and representation of our customers at any international exhibitions, implementing full range of exhibition solutions outside Ukraine.
There are no boundaries for us, we can organize on a “turnkey” basis your company participation at any exhibition of the world!

Organization and rental of expositions at Ukrainian exhibitions

"Expo Group International" organizes branch-specific international exhibitions in Ukraine, and is also a partner of many international exhibitions and organizes its clients' participation in these events.




Exhibition Stands

Expo Group International is also a professional design bureau, which designs and produces stands for its participants on individual projects. While working at the largest international exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad, we have experience in the development of the exhibition stands of any complexity, which allows us to organize the cooperation with our customers at the highest level. For us everything is possible, as far as we have many reliable partners within the world “expo community”.

While ordering a stand from us you receive many additional benefits:

• The most creative and innovative solutions in stands construction from our bureau;
• Individual projects based on constructive proposals selection – OCTANORM (Germany), MAXIMA, POP-UP, CLIK, CONSTRUKT-IV, SYMA-SYSTEM (Switzerland);
• Preparation and presentation to the management of the customer the 3D-project of the stands;
• Guarantee of the stand manufacturing on time to our customers – 100% always;
• We optimize our ideas based on financial requirements of the customer in the process of cost estimates preparation;
• Complete provision of all the necessary facilities to the stand, furniture, accessories etc.;
• Opportunities for additional services on the stand for the provision of the comfort for employees: stand cleaning, internet, solutions for organizational issues etc.
• Rapid response to any issues of the customer by our experts at the exhibition;
• Guaranteed author’s supervision, control for construction, arrival, dismantling and departure from the territory of the exhibition center;
• Solutions for any other issues related to the organization of the participation.

Complex of Exhibition solutions!

Our unique advantage is provision of a full range of exhibition solution! We developed and provide to our customers with full range of services for preparation and organization of participation in international exhibitions in Ukraine, CIS and European countries. With a focus on international cooperation we believe that the “expo business" has no boundaries, and successful participation of the customer in international exhibitions leads to the future victories of such customer in the demonstration of its technical and technological achievements!

What is complex of exhibition solutions? For us it means:

• Organization of the exhibitor participation in international exhibitions at the territory of Ukraine, CIS and Europe. Rent of exhibition space in the customer’s interests, customer’s representation before the exhibition organizers, keeping his history files and execution of formalities of all processes regarding preparation of the participation.
• Design, manufacturing and rent to the customers of the exhibition stands and other exhibition equipment.
• Additional services. It means set of services to promote the customer’s company or its exposition with the purpose to organize the participation on a “turnkey” basis. Such services include marketing solutions, advertising and PR support as well as a professional exhibition service.

Marketing Solutions

During the exhibition, the best experts in marketing management of Expo Group International will develop and implement for our customers the innovative marketing solutions in order to ensure the strategic advantages over its competitors. Namely, these experts:
• Develop and organize the participation of the customer in project management in accordance with the developed strategy and goals;
• Organize and implement large-scale programs of the specialized client clubs;
• Prepare and implement the specific business meetings for “VIP-partners”;
• Organize large-scale conferences, forums, round tables for expo visitors, as well as for specially invited guests;
• Hold briefings for professional journalists and other media;
• Organize master-classes for specialized professionals;
• prepare reports about the exhibition, with the purpose to assess the financial effectiveness of the participation;
• MatchMaking - we assist in acquisition of the new business contacts;
• Provide the customers with full range of consulting services for the purpose of dominating in comparison to the competitor.

Advertising Support

In the process of comprehensive exhibition preparation and organization, we also assist our customers to solve the full range of issues associated with the exhibition promotional materials:

• Development of the design and printing of handouts – price lists, business cards, brochures, folders, etc.;
• Makeup and printing of the product catalogs with the company assortment;
• Manufacturing and delivery to the stand of the branded souvenirs: pens, notepads, mugs, badges, flags, flash drives etc.
• Development and manufacturing of the expensive gifts for “VIP-clients” to represent them on the stand;
• Manufacturing of the branded apparel for stand employees, stand staff, hostesses etc.;
• Professional manufacturing of the promotional videos for demonstration on the stand, dubbing-in of the movies from foreign languages;
• Organization of the professional video and photo shooting of the participation in the exhibition. Preparation of the photo albums and videos. Replication;
• PR-support in media and on the Internet before and after exhibition by posting of the information on successful participation of the customer at the exhibition;
• Creation of three-dimensional 3D-panoramas of the customer’s stand and exhibition.

Exhibition Service:

Provided by us exhibition service is also very important value for our customers. Such service include full range of services as required to ensure the operation of the stand and the employees:
• Organization of invitations dissemination among the partners, buyers and other guests to the customer’s stand;
• Selection of specialized personnel for participate at the exhibition (stand staff, hostesses, promoters);
• Training and supervision of the hired personnel work;
• Development and control of implementation of the “dress code” standards by the stand staff;
• Coordination of all the organizational issues with the exhibition organizers regarding promoters activities at the exhibition center territory;
• Stand promotion (promo actions, show programs, presenter, DJ, performers etc.)
• Selection and placement of non-standard equipment on the stand (projection box, equipment for comfort etc.);
• Organization of full technical support by the professionals (provision of access to the Internet, video conferencing etc.);
• Organization of stand cleaning and litter removal;
• Services for the stand security at the exhibition.
• Organization of receptions and banquets for clients and partners during the exhibition;
• Catering of the customer’s staff (renting and booking of seats at the restaurant, provision of the catering to the stand etc.);
• Translation services provision (personal translator – English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, it is also possible to arrange translator from any language – upon individual request):
• Other translation services for groups and simultaneous translation at the conferences;
• Provision of transportation and logistics services (VIP-persons accompanying, groups transportation, delivery of luggage and equipment etc.);
• Booking and ordering of the railway and air tickets to all destinations;
• Booking services for hotel rooms and accommodation in the hotels anywhere in the world;
• Assistance in visa support (visa opening, passport for travelling abroad issue, documentation support, etc.);
• Comprehensive travel services for corporate clients (guided tours and implementation of the entertainment programs, information services).


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